Conveyancing and Property

Wallace Wilkinson & Webster has a team of expert property lawyers devoted to the management of commercial leases, retail leases, conveyancing, subdivision & property development, and all other property related transactions.

Our solicitors assist clients who wish to buy, sell, lease, or otherwise deal with residential or commercial property. Property transactions can be fraught with risk and by utilizing these services of a conveyancing & property solicitor it is possible to minimize that risk. From preparation of leases, to contracts of sale of land, mortgages, caveats and other related property transactions, our solicitors will provide you with the services that are required to negotiate your property transaction effectively.

Whether you are buying or selling your property, you should always consult with your solicitor prior to signing a Contract, whether or not the contract has been prepared by other solicitors or by a Real Estate Agent.

We will ensure the Contract protects your best interests and will advise if any amendments should be made to the Contract prior to signing to avoid any future disputes.

Please phone us to obtain a direct quote from one of our Property Solicitors.

For after hours enquires, contact our Property Law Partner Will Justo on 0418 567 301.